Clinical Waste Energy Recovery

WEP is installing and operating a High Temperature Clinical Waste treatment facility on a derelict, former incinerator site off Hangman’s Lane in the parish of Hanley Castle in Worcestershire. It falls within the Malvern Hills District Council area between Great Malvern and the M5 motorway.

The plant will be capable of treating some 8,000 tonnes of waste a year and will be created within the structure of a derelict incinerator previously used for the destruction of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Around 13 permanent jobs will be created once the plant is operational, both skilled and unskilled.

How the plant works:

  • Waste is separated by the customer into appropriate categories
  • Waste is collected and delivered to us
  • On arrival, waste is securely stored along with information on the type of waste
  • The bin remains in secure storage until thermal treatment
  • The bin waste is weighed and recorded
  • Complying with UK regulations the waste is emptied directly from the cart into the process plant
  • The result is incinerator residues of bottom ash and fly ash
  • Bottom ash is classed as recycled as it's used by approved contractors for other processes
  • Steam created by the process is used to clean the waste bins and generate electricity.

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